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State-of-the-Art Certified Assisted Living Residences
“What is necessary for persons suffering from dementia is a familiar environment with ample space to move, as well as structured, predictable and meaningful activities to participate in and enjoy. The Cottages are just such a place.” ~ Jonathan M. Evans, MD – Mayo Clinic
The Cottages are designed to feel like your home. Based on Mayo Clinic research, The Cottages are designed like a residence, with a common formal living room and family room (or activity room), and large backyard.  From that main part of The Cottages, there are two to four “townhomes” for living in smaller groups.  These townhomes, as we call it at The Cottages, have their own dining room, kitchen, townhome living room and resident hallway with anywhere from 8 – 12 apartments.  They are color-coded to help the dementia resident recall their specific townhome. Residents dine family-style in small groups within their townhome. Additionally, we have large, secure outdoor spaces with ample walking paths and fresh air.  We have al fresco dining when weather permits, and our residents can enjoy the well-manicured gardens at any time. This home-like setting can be comforting for those living with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders.