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Transitioning to an assisted living community can be difficult, especially if couples cannot move together. But the good news is that many communities allow your spouse to move in with you.

There will be additional costs incurred for your spouse to live with you. However, if your spouse does not require additional care, the costs are usually lower and commonly referred to as a “spouse add-on” fee. It’s good to inquire about how the facility determines its costs. This will help to determine the best way forward.

Your Spouse can join you at the facility for a fee if you feel that is the best for your situation. But this may not be for some.

Couples often rely on one another for support and companionship, especially as they age. When the cognitive health of one deteriorates, requiring specialized care, it puts pressure and stress on both. As the caregiver, you want to be there for your loved one 24/7, while your spouse needs to live in a place where their social and physical needs are met.

Although the cost of care varies by community, most facilities offer fee-for-service contracts. Your spouse is the only one who’ll pay for high levels of care. You’ll only pay for amenities, residential services, and housing.

If you cannot move in with your spouse for one reason or another, the assisted living facility will allow you frequent visits. This will enable you to keep your spouse company and participate in their daily programs.

Regardless of your varied needs, you can stay or frequently visit with your spouse in assisted living and support them in every aspect of their stay. However, it is advisable to inquire and understand how the facility allocates its costs. This will help you plan well and make the best decision for you.