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When it comes to dementia, it can make tasks that were once easy to conquer more difficult for the one living with dementia, as well as the caregiver. Struggling with dementia can be tough for the individual but dealing with memory loss and dementia is also hard on loved ones. Fortunately, assisted living facilities can help make this stressful situation a little easier for everyone.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities differ from retirement communities and skilled/nursing homes. Assisted living communities provide long-term support with daily activities and assistance for those in need. Assisted Living and Memory care facilities offer options that can help day-to-day living, including meals, medications, activities, incontinence, and bathing.

The right assisted living facility will be able to tailor residents’ care plans to help meet their needs. Many offer various levels of care and price their services accordingly. While others are all-inclusive so residents can access all care and services for one monthly price.

Why Those with Dementia Can Live in Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living remains an excellent option for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s. These individuals need specialized support and care. Moreover, they have access to a community that offers specialized activities and understands the challenges of dementia. When your loved one is surrounded by friendly and supportive staff, you can have peace of mind. Those who struggle with dementia may need extra care, and it’s important to choose a facility that can offer what your loved one may need. It is important to understand the specific opportunities for those living with dementia at any assisted living facility that you tour.

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