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Trent D. Quinn

Managing Principal, Founder, President and CEO
Trent D. Quinn is the Managing Principal, President and CEO of The Cottages. As the founder of today’s The Cottages concept and its leader since 2002, Trent is involved in every part of The Cottages, providing leadership in every aspect. Trent’s most valued title is Cottage Family Member.

After years of planning and research, Trent championed the development of the new homes based upon operations experience and market feedback. Trent leads all aspects of The Cottages concept including but not limited to design, construction and development of new properties. Trent has direct, hands‐on involvement from concept to start‐up and on-going operations while ensuring that the standards of The Cottages are met.

Prior to The Cottages, Trent operated his own consulting company, providing management consulting services to clients such as American Retirement Corporation, General Electric Capital Corporation and Ernst & Young, LLP. In addition, Trent spent 10 years with Ernst & Young, LLP, working in the United States, Canada, Japan and other areas within Asia.

Trent holds a BBA in accounting, finance, real estate and urban land economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He completed significant professional and educational training programs during his 10‐years at Ernst & Young, LLP, and has committed twelve years of mastering business administration for assisting living operations and development with The Cottages.

At The Cottages, we’re are all about life… and Trent wants each resident at The Cottages to have the very best life possible while living at The Cottages as part of the Cottage Family.

Trent is proud to be a part of the Cottage Family!