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Alice has been bringing her warmth and dedication to the Chandler Creek community for 24 years. During her time at The Cottages, Alice has fulfilled various roles, including housekeeping and lending a hand in the kitchen when needed. However, it’s her role as a caregiver that resonates most profoundly with her sense of purpose.

“My satisfaction always comes from a job well done in whatever I do here at The Cottages,” says Alice, reflecting her commitment to providing the highest standard of care.

Alice’s choice to invest two decades and counting at The Cottages stems from her belief that caregiving is her life’s purpose. “I believe this is my purpose in life — to be a caregiver,” she states, underlining her dedication. “It has enhanced my life to have compassion and love for our residents and their families.”

What she’s learned caring for our residents has impacted her own family, too. “I have learned a lot about dementia, so when my mom was diagnosed with it, I was able to care for her like I do for our residents,” she shares. “My mom’s dementia also made me more compassionate to our residents and their families.

Alice believes that The Cottages difference is the unmistakable feeling of home rather than a facility. The closeness developed with residents and the genuine friendships forged with their families are, in her words, “priceless.”

Creating a family-like atmosphere at The Cottages involves genuine connections. Alice sharesthat the team takes time to talk, listen, and celebrate with residents. This personalized approach extends to her caregiving, where she takes her time to assist residents with their daily activities. As a caregiver, Alice plays a crucial role in residents’ daily lives, assisting with showers, personal hygiene, dressing, laundry, and light housekeeping.

In conversations with families, Alice emphasizes her commitment to care. “I make sure that I know the residents well so I can take care of them properly.” Her dedication and attention to individual needs exemplify the personalized care that defines The Cottages at Chandler Creek.