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Comments from Professionals and Loved Ones
“Then we discovered The Cottages. We were impressed… The Cottages had the solution and the professionals to care for my Father. They understood.”
Frank H.

Resident Family Member

“I am very pleased with the care she has received. The Cottages has a home-type setting and is very cozy and inviting when you walk in. They have a well trained, caring staff and a good activities program. They have “Family Nite” once a month and it’s always very entertaining. I would recommend The Cottages to anyone that needed a place for their loved one to reside. I don’t think you can find a better place anywhere.”
Tom N.

Resident Family Member

I chose the facility because I thought it was the right size and it was bright, sunny and cheerful and the staff was helpful. The staff educated me and helped me understand the Alzheimer’s disease process. They helped my mother by being a friend and advocate of health matters. I can’t say enough positive things about the facility and the service they provide.
Darlene H.

Resident Family Member

“The Cottages at Clear Lake is not only a specialized residence for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, but it is one that is tailored to meet each person’s needs on a physical, mental and emotional basis also. Each patient is treated individually in a warm, caring environment that makes it home for them. They do not feel estranged from their loved ones.

The staff at the Cottages is highly trained, warm and loving to each and every resident there. They care and treat them as if they were their own family members. As well, the facility is modern and fresh looking with a warm, friendly atmosphere, colors and modern décor that is resident appealing. Special and social events highlight the lives for these special need residents.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the tenderness and care and knowledge that each staff member knows about each and every individual and this helps in meeting all the needs of each resident, as well as their families. It is one of the finest facilities that I know of for meeting the needs of our loved ones. It can only be ranked in such a category because of the staff, loving attitude, and well-trained professionalism.”

Dale Messer, M.D.

Former Medical Director, The Cottages At Clear Lake

“The Cottages has a very ‘homey’ feeling. After just a short time, I felt we were an extended family. Everyone is treated with love and respect.”
Linda G.

Resident Family Member

“Seeing their eyes light up when you enter the room and knowing you make a difference in their lives, is what it’s all about.”

“The Alzheimers Association works with hundreds of families every year. One of the most difficult times for the family is when treatment at home becomes compromised, and placement is apparent and, at times, badly needed.

It is during those times that I feel fortunate to have an outstanding facility like the Cottages for families to consider when facing the placement of their loved ones. This assisted living facility enjoys a remarkable reputation that is built on solid management, strong nursing support, individualized and personalized care and provides terrific support for every resident. This incredible standing is by no means newly found or recently created. It is truly a significant part of the ongoing name of this organization. Dignity and concern are evident in their everyday operations.

I have the distinct pleasure of visiting with several of their resident’s families. Many of these interactions are ongoing – and have been for almost two years. They all have but good things to say about the building, the ownership’s commitment to quality, the management’s continuous oversight and, mostly, the high esteem that they hold for the caregivers – who daily see to the needs of their loved ones. They do an excellent job!

I consider it an honor to pen these thoughts in wholeheartedly supporting this fine provider in their continued road of excellence. If i can serve in additional capacity, feel free to contact me at (806) 372-8693.”

Roy Puente

Regional Director, Amarillo Alzheimers Association

“The Cottages are like my second home. The staff and residents respect and love one another….we’re just one big family!”
Maryjane Kesler

Executive Director