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Frisco, Texas, August 15, 2018 – Memory care programs at The Cottages are helping residents and their families live fulfilling lives as memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s start to affect their loved ones.

“Activities are planned throughout the day to help residents stay relaxed and engaged.” says Trent Quinn, founder, president and CEO of The Cottages. “Activities include physical as well as educational programs.” At times, an expert in a specific interest will be invited to participate in programs for residents.

The staff at The Cottages has designed a schedule for all residents, so they may have a routine. Routines help those living with memory disorders stay relaxed. Activities in the morning are designed to help residents wake up and get the day started. Mid-day activities are specific to the interests of the residents, and hand/eye coordination and memory recall programs are scheduled for the afternoon.

Residents of The Cottages enjoy a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Religious services are provided throughout the week for residents and their families. Creating a life full of comfort and joy is the goal of all staff members. Dedication to residents and their families shines through all activities and programs that residents take part in.

The Cottages are dedicated to helping people living with memory disorders enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Activities are carried out by Alzheimer’s certified activity directors and all residents are encouraged to attend and participate.

About The Cottages

The Cottages are dedicated to care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders.  The Cottage concept provides a home-like environment tailored to meet individual needs based on physical, mental and emotional needs. The Cottages offers all-inclusive pricing with no level of care charges and all care and services are included. The Cottages currently has locations in Frisco, Round Rock, League City and Amarillo, Texas. The Cottages has been operating in Texas since 1997 and is family owned and operated by The Cottages Senior Living.