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Dallas, Texas, April 07, 2020 – Families across the great state of Texas and beyond struggle with the thought of placing their loved one in an assisted living home. This decision brings on an enormous amount of questions. It can leave family members feeling like they have given up on their loved ones. These thoughts can all be alleviated when families choose The Cottages.

The Cottages are a memory care home with facilities in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Amarillo. Their staff includes advisors who are there to help families make this important decision with confidence. They are in the know when it comes to understanding the needs of dementia and Alzheimer’s residents. This is why the advisors at The Cottages are prepared to give families the tools they need to choose a memory care home at a location convenient to them.

Assisted living for dementia residents should be an asset to families. At The Cottages, families are provided with a team that will support and advise them about difficult decisions. Their advisors leave no stone unturned when helping families. They understand what families are going through when choosing assisted living for their loved ones living with memory disorders.

Advisors at The Cottages will share with families what memory care facilities have to offer their loved ones. They will walk through the facility with families answering questions along the way. Advisors at The Cottages are there to ensure families feel confident and at ease during this time.

Memory care facilities within The Cottages network are equipped to handle many situations. The families are welcomed in and given tools to help their loved ones and themselves during this life transition. The advisors are there to team up with families. They are never left alone when questions or concerns arise.

The Cottages are a memory care facility that strives to give people a homelike experience during this later stage in life. Families are important because, at The Cottages, everyone is family. Loved ones can feel confident in their decisions and know their loved one is treated like family.