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Frisco, Texas, Nov 08, 2018 – As we move through our working years, we envision an older aged version of ourselves who are enjoying free time, family and friends. But often the reality is that we end up quite lonely, especially when single and family live far away. Not only is this emotionally sad, but it is also actually detrimental to our health.

When seniors are isolated, even in memory care facilities, they often become lonely, and this leads to an assortment of health-related issues. Studies have shown that seniors who spend a majority of their time alone and without socialization are at higher risk for:

  • Depression, lower self-esteem, increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s and are subject to thoughts of suicide.
  • More health-related issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and neurological malfunctions

Changing the Social Scene for Our Seniors

Luckily, in today’s world, there are many resources to bring seniors to a more social, active, and stable lifestyle. From Alzheimer’s and dementia assisted living facilities such as The Cottages in Texas to senior community centers, elderly individuals have many options to be more engaged. These facilities make social activities a priority and residents benefit greatly.

“At The Cottages, we have programs and activities designed for memory impairment,” says Trent Quinn, Founder, President and CEO of The Cottages, a highly respected group of regional assisted living residences for people living with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders in Texas. “Activities at The Cottages include physical activity that is suitable for those living with memory impairment and dementia, as well as motivating activities and relaxation. We have Alzheimer’s Certified Activity Directors on staff and all programs are customized for each resident. When it is time for an activity, our activity directors try to get all residents to attend and participate.”

Let the On-Line Socialization Begin

With the computer age, caregivers and family can also offer the elderly:

  • Social media connections, using avenues of video chats with loved ones or posts to friends and family
  • Games involving others in an online environment
  • Online book or even garden clubs (or whatever the interests are)
  • Faith-based online groups
  • Educational groups

Whether in a dementia care assisted living facility or other elderly based organization or at home, providing a means for older folks to stay active, social and engaged has never been easier.

About The Cottages

The Cottages is dedicated to care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders. The Cottage concept provides a home-like environment tailored to meet individual needs based on physical, mental and emotional needs. The Cottages offers all-inclusive pricing with no level of care charges and all care and services are included. The Cottages currently has locations in Frisco, Round Rock, League City and Amarillo, Texas. The Cottages has been operating in Texas since 1997 and is family owned and operated by The Cottages Senior Living.

Learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and The Cottages difference at www.alzcottages.com