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Houston, Texas, Nov 05, 2020 – The Cottages is an assisted living center for those living with dementia and adults with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In this Texas memory care facility, residents become members of one large family.

The Cottages provide each resident with an intimate, home-like environment for small group socializing. All residents have access to a larger shared space, activity room and expansive backyard gardens. By designing the residence to be both small-scale and interconnected, residents feel they have a home and family with whom to share it – a comfort to adults living with memory loss.

At The Cottages, each resident is seen as an individual with particular needs and preferences. The staff works 24/7, providing a wide range of services, from nursing care to pharmaceutical services to toileting assistance. Despite these medical competencies, The Cottages is not a hospital, nor does it feel like one. The staff helps with physical needs as well as the mental and emotional needs of memory loss. Multiple activities are scheduled each day, from rousing stimulation to help residents regain coordination to soothing relaxation to help ease their minds. All activities in The Cottages dementia assisted living home are designed for adults with memory impairment and can be tailored for each resident’s abilities.

Finally, the caregivers who bring their loved ones to The Cottages are seen as a part of the family. Because witnessing memory loss can be emotionally taxing, The Cottages offers many resources to caregivers, including compassionate counseling and support groups. The Cottages recognize that each family’s situation is unique; some caregivers may need only temporary care for their loved one and not permanent residence. By bringing their loved one to The Cottages for a short stay, or even just a day at a time, caregivers can find much-needed respite.