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Personalized care for the patient, not the disease

Frisco, Texas, April 08, 2018 – Dementia is a disease that is characterized by a sharp decline in mental function, and the most notable form of the disease is Alzheimer’s. When Dementia becomes too severe for a loved one, sometimes extra help is needed. Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities are all around the country, including “The Cottages Senior Living” in Texas.

The Cottages are living facilities that are specialized in Alzheimer’s care and Dementia and its symptoms with 24/7 care for their residents physically, mentally, and emotionally on a one and one basis for every stage of dementia. The staff wants to know about the person, not just the disease they carry, because every treatment is different for every resident.

The newest Cottage’s location is in Frisco, Texas building strong relationships between staff and residents allowing them to experience comfort in a more relaxed setting. The Apartments in The Cottages are cozy and ideal for couples with private walk-in showers, and large floor plans. The common areas feature handcrafted decoration, as well as sunrooms, large outdoor areas and beautiful views of Grant Park, schools, and gardens.

Finally, every cottage has all-inclusive pricing, so you never see hidden fees no matter how much time your loved one spends in The Cottage’s care.

Alzheimer’s-certified assisted living facilities, like The Cottages in Frisco or their other locations in Austin, Houston and Amarillo, are readily available to help a loved one living through any stage of Dementia or Alzheimer’s find comfort and solace.

About The Cottages
The Cottages is dedicated to care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders.  The Cottage concept provides a home-like environment tailored to meet individual needs based on physical, mental and emotional needs. The Cottages offers all-inclusive pricing with no level of care charges and all care and services are included. The Cottages currently has locations in Frisco, Round Rock, League City and Amarillo, Texas. The Cottages has been operating in Texas since 1997 and is family owned and operated by The Cottages Senior Living.

Learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and The Cottages difference at www.alzcottages.com.