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Frisco, Texas, Apr 02, 2020 – For family members dealing with a memory impairment, the need for alternative living plans can quickly become a frightening reality. Simple day-to-day living tasks and basic daily routine activities often become extremely complicated. These necessary tasks can even begin to create security issues around the home.

This need for specialized care and growing assistance can quickly become more than family members are able provide. It can be a frustrating and challenging process to choose the best assisted options that provide high-level memory care for loved ones. Residential care services at The Cottages provide the best solutions for the needs of families making these difficult decisions

During the many varying stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, memory focused, assisted living facilities provide supportive care for residents. The Cottages Texas-based centers are ideal for those who might need specific care aimed at more intensive support for Instrumental Daily Living Activities.

At The Cottages assisted living, residents enjoy safe independent living in smaller clusters of eight to 12 apartments and have staff available 24 hours a day to support them. This unique living arrangement is ideal for those who want to be as independent as possible but need some support in daily living.

As a comprehensive memory care package, The Cottages’ customized assisted living options encourage independence, while supporting safety and security for loved ones in a loving and enriching environment that feels like home.