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As memory disorders progress, it alters one’s cognitive abilities and awareness levels. It becomes challenging to manage tasks or live independently.

Caring for a person with a memory disorder can be daunting, especially when balancing your other daily commitments. They will require help with administering medication and other daily tasks, respectively. You’ll also have to consider all the costs of home care services, and the time spent managing the outsourced care, if you choose to hire outside help. The level of care could extend to 24/7 as the disease progresses, leaving you with limited or no time for yourself.

Assisted living specifically for loved ones with memory disorders provides supervised care, medication monitoring, and assistance with daily tasks. Other benefits include;

  • A calm and compassionate environment that feels like home
  • Personalized care through well-coordinated social programs and fun activities
  • Secured facility
  • Assisted housekeeping and laundry
  • Exercise programs designed for dementia
  • Support groups and family support
  • Healthy, nutritious meals and drinks
  • Access to emergency call systems

Something to note, some places will charge for each service provided while others will offer all-inclusive pricing making it easier for budgeting and managing the care your loved one needs.