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Caregivers can benefit from respite care, which is support and care that is provided by someone other than yourself. Respite care is so important for caregivers who are unable to provide everyday care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Sometimes we all need some help, and respite care is perfect for those who need some help taking some of the load off. Usually, these services are provided by someone else for a few days to a few weeks. The care is provided by third-party agencies, just like The Cottages.

The Different Options of Care for Those with Alzheimer’s

There are choices of care for a loved one living with memory disorders offered, including adult day care, in-home aides, overnight care, companion care and or short-term nursing home care.

Home care is where they send an aide to your home to help care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. They provide personal care and/or company for the individual.

If someone needs a regular scheduled break, which is highly recommended for anyone caring for a loved one, they can look into adult day care or Alzheimer’s day care that may be offered in their area. Typically, these are available once a week or twice a month at a local church or an adult day care facility. Adult day care offers a service that offers a temporary arrangement for caregivers needing a rest for a few hours to a day. Day respite is another option for caregivers needing a rest or for those living with dementia to have additional interaction and appropriate daily activities.

Respite care is available at all The Cottages’ locations throughout Texas, and they offer the same level of care and all aspects of daily living as they do for their full-time residents. Respite care can be for a few days to a few weeks. Anything more than a month is considered a month to month, permanent stay.

The Cottages provide fully furnished rooms or apartments for respite care residents and all meals are included. Respite care is in fact paid out of pocket based on day-to-day care. Normal respite care is charged per night of stay. Most insurance plans do not cover the costs for respite care; however, Medicaid may be able to offer you some assistance for the fees.

If you need a break, contact The Cottages today for more information on the respite care offered by their facilities.