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The transition from independent life at home, or in the home of a loved one, to a memory care facility can be a difficult one for everyone involved. The uncertainty of adjustment and familiarity for your loved one can be incredibly hard, making it a decision that can never be taken lightly.

If you are unsure how the transition to assisted living may be for your loved one, rest assured that The Cottages offer an assisted living facility that is unrivaled in Texas. The Cottages provide a different approach to Alzheimer’s assisted living by providing a welcoming, home-like environment and care from highly-qualified, loving staff. 

Benefits of Assisted Living 

The Cottages assisted living facilities are expertly designed, from an interior and exterior perspective, to provide everyone with an environment that replicates home living. Secure outdoor spaces and walking paths matched with the spacious interior simulates a quaint atmosphere. With seemingly endless space, the adjustment period for most residents at The Cottages is relatively short.

Additionally, the daily routines for your loved one living at The Cottages provide them with the physical and mental activity needed to enjoy themselves. The Cottages provide scheduled activities, balanced meals and encourage relaxation periods. Also, family members are welcome to join at any time to make this transition even more fluid and meaningful.

Quality Care 

With a high staff-to-resident ratio, the team is built to provide individual attention and care for your loved ones. They specialize in getting to know everyone from a personal standpoint to ensure they enjoy their time based on what the individual needs and desires of each resident. With no isolation, the care staff supports residents and implements a facility full of vibrant and active seniors. From a socialization perspective, The Cottages provide opportunities that may not be available at home. 

Moreover, the staff provides a lovely and friendly environment, which helps residents feel at home and eases everyone’s anxiety about creating a successful transition to an assisted living facility. The Cottages is specialized in providing a premier environment to support loved ones and provide you with the comfort that they are left in great hands.