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The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially difficult for individuals living in assisted living and nursing home facilities and their families. Maintaining those family relationships is a critical aspect of an individuals’ health and well-being, yet the pandemic has forced many loved ones to remain socially distant.

While we recognize how difficult this time has been for our residents and their families, The Cottages, a memory care facility in Dallas, encourage our residents’ family members to find new ways to stay in touch! When an in-person visit isn’t possible, there are still plenty of ways to stay in touch and maintain those valuable relationships. Here are a few ways our current families are using to stay connected. 

FaceTime/Skype/Zoom/Google Video

Technology allows us to stay connected no matter the distance, or the device! If your loved one has access to a smartphone, tablet or computer, these video chat apps allow “face-to-face” connection without being in the same room. Video chat apps will work with a mobile data or WiFi network connection. The staff at The Cottages will help facilitate these calls with your loved ones.


You might be surprised to know that people have been communicating via email since 1971! This simple tool is still just as useful today as it was the day it was invented. Email is a quick, easy and convenient way to stay in touch with your loved one and let them know you’re thinking of them. Receiving even a short email message can really brighten your loved one’s day. Our staff will be happy to print emails and give or read them to your loved one.

Handwritten Letters

Sometimes a handwritten letter says even more than the words on the page. Taking the time to sit down and write your thoughts out for your loved one is a meaningful form of communication that is used far less frequently now that technology provides such easy access. If your loved one enjoys having family pictures to hang up around their room, take advantage of “snail mail” to send a quick note and some new pictures. This special gift is simple, inexpensive and can mean so much for your loved one. The best part about writing handwritten letters? No need for an internet or data connection!

Our Residents Are Important to Us

Our memory care facility in Dallas, Texas, has a care team that truly loves our residents like family. We want them to have total access to their loved ones during the transition into our homes, and throughout their time living here. There are many ways to stay connected, and we encourage all of them!