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If you have a loved one living with a memory-related disorder who is beginning to need more help than you can provide daily, it might be time to consider moving them into memory care assisted living. Transitioning your loved one into a memory care facility is never easy. After years of watching their memory fail and their cognitive functioning decline, you may feel the move is necessary but unwelcome to your loved one. Make sure that, when you initiate this vital transition, you have done your best to ensure a smooth move.

Find a Memory Care Residence Together, But Plan The Move On Your Own
Look for a memory care home that offers all-inclusive pricing to make budgeting easier with no hidden costs. Invite your loved one to tour each home with you. Most dementia care homes accommodate the visit of a prospective resident. Although you’ve included your loved one in selecting a new home, don’t share all the logistical details, as this could be overwhelming.

The Transition
The transition into a memory care facility may feel daunting and overwhelming, but keep these three things in mind:

  • Remember that your loved one may feel overwhelmed, be there for support.
  • The memory care home selected shouldn’t be a surprise, but the moving details can be.
  • Stay in contact with the facility before, during, and after the move.

No matter what facility you choose, make sure it’s one you, your family, and most importantly, your loved one feels comfortable with.