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Meet Ida Lou, a beloved member of our Chapel Creek community in Frisco, TX. Although her time with us was relatively short, the impact she made and the transformation we witnessed during her stay at The Cottages was truly remarkable.

Ida Lou’s journey to The Cottages began when her family thoughtfully decided to move her from another facility that did not specialize in memory care. Before moving to The Cottages, Ida Lou was falling frequently, had become socially withdrawn, struggled with personal hygiene, and experienced emotional distress, including frequent crying.

Upon arrival, Ida Lou quickly adapted to our specialized approach to dementia care. The Cottages, drawing inspiration from the Mayo Clinic, implements best practices and protocols that include facility design, color schemes, and ample natural sunlight to create a supportive and comforting environment.

“One of the key reasons we chose The Cottages was the atmosphere; it felt like living in a home surrounded by family. The attention to detail made us confident that this was the right place for Mom,” shares Ida Lou’s daughter.

The attentive staff at The Cottages addressed Ida Lou’s challenges by providing her with personalized care that included assistance in the bathroom, (a standard care offering at The Cottages) ensuring both her comfort and safety.

At The Cottages, Ida Lou’s days became structured and purposeful, and she thrived in the dynamic daily routines, spending her time participating in various activities with fellow residents. “We were looking for a place with a great activity calendar, and The Cottages exceeded our expectations. Mom’s days were spent doing activities, and it brought her so much joy to be engaged with the other residents,” notes Ida Lou’s daughter.

Through the various activities offered, her love for ballroom dancing was reignited, and although her artistic abilities as an accomplished painter changed with dementia, she found pride and enjoyment in crafts and activities that were tailored to her level of ability. “She enjoyed painting again and was so proud of her projects!”

During her time at The Cottages, Ida Lou’s family noticed a marked change in her emotional well-being, noting that she was always happy to return “home” after outings and doctor appointments, and her tears were replaced with smiles.

The Cottages staff, led by Executive Director Linda Canas and Marketing Manager Pam Bell, played a pivotal role in Ida Lou’s positive experience. The open-door policy of the executive management team fostered a sense of accessibility and familial care. Pam Bell’s personal involvement, updates to the family, and genuine connections with Ida Lou exemplify the close-knit relationships formed within our community.

“We never doubted the level of care she was receiving. The staff had an open line of communication with us, and we knew she was in the best possible place. The Cottages truly became an extension of our family,” acknowledges Ida Lou’s daughter.

Ida Lou’s story is one of resilience, joy, and enhanced quality of life. “Ida Lou found comfort and happiness at The Cottages. It became more than a residence; it was a place where she truly lived. The staff embraced her individuality and made her feel at home. It made all the difference in the world to see her thrive in this community.”