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Once your loved one has moved into a memory care community in Texas, knowing what to expect in the community can help both you and your loved one adjust to the new changes. Here are some of the general expectations you should have of a residential memory care home.

A residential memory care home is a live-in housing option. Residential memory care homes offer smaller, home-like settings with a sense of community and offer individualized care. Residential care home services typically include:

  • A room or suite that may be shared or private
  • Meals in-house
  • Assistance with daily living like bathing, toileting and health care management
  • General housekeeping and daily laundry
  • Medication management and administration

With a small staff to patient ratio, residents at an in-home memory care community get more attentive care. Generally, these communities offer an array of activities geared towards the needs of their residents.

Each state has its own licensing rules and regulations, so residences can vary greatly across states. Checking the state website to see their specific regulations can provide a better idea of what to expect from the community. Most websites offer public access to the surveys taken for licensing.

Talking with staff and residents can help you get a sense of the community’s culture and day-to-day activities. The interior of the communities may be styled differently, and it could help with the transition to find one similar to your loved one’s taste and style to help them feel more at home.

Expect that there will be an adjustment period for both you and your loved one as they transition to this new living setting. Frequent visits from friends and family can help during this transitional phase. Set up a schedule of visitors so your loved one will know when to expect to see a familiar face, which can be especially helpful as they begin to make new friends and get to know their new community.