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Now that you’ve made the difficult decision to move your loved one to a memory care facility, it’s time to begin the preparation. Being prepared ahead of moving day will not only keep your household organized but will help keep your family member living with a memory disorder calm and unstressed.

While there are multiple business items to take care of as you begin the transition into a care home, it is important to keep your loved one informed. Though they will likely be nervous about leaving their solace, keeping your loved one excited about the new services they will be receiving may help them feel more comfortable.

Discussing what your loved one’s day-to-day living will look like is a great way to start. Show them an hourly list of activities available. Allow your loved one to look over this schedule multiple times to get familiar with it. While their schedule at home may be completely different, the visual allows them to see how things will change once they move into the facility. If it is necessary to make any changes to the schedule, make sure to discuss this with management before moving your family member in.

Allow your loved one to take comfort items with them. This could be a special chair, a photo album or extra pillows. Perhaps offer a shopping trip to buy new items. Ensuring your loved one is surrounded by the things they enjoy often helps with anxiety during the transition.

Most importantly, sit down as a family and discuss any questions your loved one may have. Reassure them that you will be close by and check on them as often as possible. Go over the pros of having a care team and how that will help your loved one live life to the fullest. Remember, this is a new beginning for everyone.