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As your loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease progresses and their memory fades, they will be susceptible to feelings of isolation, loneliness and confusion. Coordinate with their care home and keep in contact as much as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain connection with your loved one living in a memory care facility.

Make Each Visit Smart and Effective

Your loved one may be losing their memory, but they haven’t lost the human desire for connection. An in-person visit can wonderfully uplift their spirits, even if they don’t remember the details. Here are some strategies for ensuring a successful visit:

  • Plan for a time of day when your loved one is at their best.
  • Don’t overwhelm your loved one with too many people at once; visit in pairs at most.
  • Minimize distractions and mute the television or other noises when you arrive.

Visit Virtually

Perhaps the best Alzheimer care home in Texas is too far away from where you live, and you are unable to visit often. Alternatively, you may be restricted from seeing your loved one at the risk of spreading infection. When an in-person visit is impossible, try the following methods:

  • Call them over video chat, such as FaceTime or Zoom.
  • Send them a postcard or care package.
  • Share music files or audiobooks – or recordings of yourself!

With each of these examples, your loved one will rely on staff to receive your correspondence. Give the care home staff enough notice of your method so that they can provide the assistance necessary for its success.

Do It for Them, Not for You

You placed your loved one in this Alzheimer’s care facility for their own good; keep the same selflessness in mind when you connect with them. They may not remember you or your previous visit. Focus on making them feel loved and stave off their loneliness with compassion and creativity.