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Do you know someone living with Alzheimer’s? Are they currently in an assisted living facility or moving to one? You may be wondering if they remember you or if it’s worth it to visit someone with Alzheimer’s. Your questions are understandable. Most of the time, people with Alzheimer’s still enjoy visitors. Even if they don’t remember your name, it doesn’t mean they don’t recognize your face. Below, we discuss how often you should visit a loved one with Alzheimer’s in an assisted living facility.

The Transition into an Assisted Living Facility

During the first two to three weeks of your loved one moving into the assisted living facility, you and other family members should try and visit them quite often. At this stage, daily visits are essential. It will help them adjust and settle into a comfortable routine. What can you do to make the settling stage an easier transformation? Here are a few tips to help:

  • Introduce yourself to the staff. Let the facility staff get to know you. They’ll give insight into how your loved one is settling in.
  • Greet your loved one clearly. Greet your loved one with a clear tone and introduce yourself. Try saying: “Hi, Mom, it’s me, Jonny. Instead of: “Hi there! How are you?”
  • Bring pictures. Decorate their room with pictures of friends and family.
  • Play their favorite board or card game. Play a game that they are familiar with. This will allow them to have a little fun while playing something that is familiar to them.

Once Your Loved One Has Settled In

Your loved one will become increasingly familiar with their new environment with time. At this stage, you can start reducing how often you visit them. You may want to start visiting as your routine allows. Tips to help in this stage:

  • Shorter visits. The length of the visits does not always count. Oftentimes, it’s better to visit a few times a week for thirty minutes than once a week for five hours. However, remember that what counts is that you visited them at all.
  • Go with something to talk about. When you visit, try and take the lead in the conversation. At first, your loved one may feel a little awkward, so it’s important that you help ease any tension with an easy-flowing conversation.

Adjusting to your loved one moving to an assisted living facility isn’t easy but visiting often can help. Also, the staff at the facility will be there to help make this transition a smooth one.