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If you have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you might be wondering about the benefits of facilities that provide assisted living. Below are just a few benefits of dementia assisted living.

Assistance with Difficult Daily Activities
As memory disorders progress, your loved one may begin having difficulty completing daily tasks such as bathing, remembering to take their medication on time or getting dressed in the morning. You and your other family members may not have the ability to provide all the care your loved one needs, but Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities have trained staff on-hand 24 hours a day to help.

Activities for Memory Disorders
Specialized and trained staff at a dementia assisted living facility plan social and stimulating activities designed for those with memory impairment. These activities may be one-on-one with a caregiver or with a larger group of residents.

A Secure Place to Call Home
Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with specially trained staff who know exactly what caring for those with memory disorders entails.

At the assisted living facility, your loved one will be in a secure, supervised facility, get the help they need with their daily tasks and participate in a routine with group activities.