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Alzheimer’s and Memory Care assisted living typically offers more services than traditional assisted living.  Supportive care services and meals are often in a secured setting, and many memory care facilities have specially trained staff to handle the needs of someone living with dementia. Not all assisted living communities provide services tailored to people with Alzheimer’s.

Balancing your commitments with caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is not easy. Seniors with Alzheimer’s typically need extra care as the symptoms progress over time. The issues with thinking, behavior, and memory can be challenging for individuals and their families. An Alzheimer’s assisted living facility can help care for loved ones with dementia in a home-like setting.

Whether in the early or later stages, memory care facilities have many resources, support systems, and services to help people with Alzheimer’s. Here’s how they help.

They Offer Assistance: In memory care assisted living, caregivers offer support to seniors with Alzheimer’s. They need help with day-to-day tasks such as dressing, bathing, or even remembering to eat regularly. From their basic hygiene, housekeeping, daily activities, and daily living, caregivers are there to help. They adjust loved ones living with memory disorders interactions according to their needs and schedules. As the disease progresses, the frequency and level of care may increase.

Provide Calming Interactions: Many memory care assisted living facilities have specially trained professionals who understand the symptoms and reactions that seniors with Alzheimer’s portray. They understand behaviors and moods changes and support and interact with your loved one to help them.