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Everyone would love to live as independently as possible for as long as they can. Unfortunately, that isn’t always a reality for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders. Dangers loom large that were once minimal threats. Understanding the hazards that your loved one living with dementia encounters at home is the first step towards providing a safe environment.

Dangers in the Home for Those Living with Dementia 

Many common dangers for people living with dementia range from the seemingly trivial to extremely severe. What used to be a standard household function now may present a risk for your family member. For example, a kitchen is traditionally a room for everyone of all ages to share in a household. However, when living with someone with a memory disorder, the kitchen is full of hazards in the form of knives, ovens and hot stove tops. Even running the water in a sink or shower can be dangerous for your loved one when done without supervision.

Other risks within a home include access to medications, firearms and sharp objects. Some of these may seem obvious, but if you’ve gotten used to keeping medicine in the bathroom cabinet, it can be an adjustment that could often go overlooked.

Other dangers and hazards may be present anywhere in the house, such as a loved one slipping and falling or forgetting where they are. Keeping your loved one living with dementia safe should be taken very seriously and is a critical part of their well-being. It can be frustrating and difficult to continually identify new dangers and learn how to prevent it from causing harm.

Making the Move to an Assisted Living Facility

One thing is certain when it comes to caring for a family member living with a memory disorder, an assisted living facility is always a noteworthy option. An assisted living, memory care facility can provide your loved one with the security and protection they need. There is also a wide range of activities and independence they share when living in a memory care facility. Nothing beats the 24-hour care staff at The Cottages providing your loved one with an unmatched feeling of home.