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As a caregiver, you pour a great deal of yourself into your loved one living with dementia. You are no doubt strong and capable, but even you need a break every now and then. Respite care provides an opportunity for caregivers to take a step back and focus on their own personal health, well-being and priorities while their loved one is cared for in a safe environment.

Taking advantage of respite services doesn’t make you weak. It only serves to strengthen your ability to care for your loved one.

There are different types of respite care available to you as a caregiver, including in-home care services such as a home health aid. Adult day centers offer a safe environment where staff leads planned activities such as art and music programs. Meals and transportation are also often provided in adult day centers. Residential facilities offer overnight stay options for your short to long-term needs.

Respite care is available at all of our locations throughout Texas and provides the same level of care our full-time residents receive. Whether you need respite care for a day, a week or a month, respite care at The Cottages can be arranged for any amount of time needed. The Cottages provides fully furnished rooms or apartments for respite care residents.

Respite care provides caregivers time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Take advantage of day respite care at The Cottages if you need time to run errands, spend a day with family or friends, go to appointments or exercise. While you are caring for yourself, your loved one will be provided meals and the opportunity to participate in appropriate daily activities and interactions with others, all while in a safe, supportive environment.

Because emergencies or unplanned situations can arise, give respite care a try in a non-emergency situation so you won’t need to leave your loved one in the care of someone you do not know in the event of an emergency. In these situations, a respite care facility may not be necessary — talk to your family members and close friends who may be able to help out in an emergency situation.

Remember, nobody expects you to be able to do it all. Seeking respite care is a sign of strength, not a sign of failure. This short break can be just as beneficial for your loved one with dementia as it is for you.

To learn more about respite care services at The Cottages, contact us today.