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There are ways to help your family afford quality care from a memory care center in Texas. These tips and suggestions may help you and your family member experiencing memory disorders like dementia or Alzheimer’s get the care they need.

Programs May Help Pay the Costs

Social Security Income or Social Security Disability Income can help provide financial coverage for some people. These benefits are for residents over the age of 65. A separate program called the Compassionate Allowance Initiative can help people under the age of 65 who have early onset Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Insurance Plans

Many types of insurance can help pay for memory care. Private insurance plans often contain coverage for certain aspects of long-term assisted living care. Your loved one may have insurance benefits available from retirement plans and pensions earned that can help provide relief for your family and help cover the cost of care for your loved one living with dementia or a memory disorder.


Long-term care insurance is available, but plans must be purchased before a diagnosis of dementia. Families should review policies carefully to make sure the policy covers dementia. Disability insurance also provides benefits, but policies must also be in place before a diagnosis. Disability insurance is usually included with policies from employer-paid policies.

Planning Ahead

If your family has a history of memory ailments, it is wise to plan ahead to make sure your family can afford the high level of care necessary for a loved one with memory disorders. A financial planner may be helpful as you make decisions to cover future care.