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Spending time with your loved one living with memory disorders is incredibly important. You want to keep the relationship that you’ve shared all your life, but you also want to be sensitive to your loved one’s changing health condition. When you visit your loved one at an assisted living facility for dementia, the following activities can keep you both entertained and happy during your visit.

  1. Read to them. Does your loved one enjoy reading or have any favorite books? Reading familiar books to them can keep them stimulated through content they know and enjoy.
  1. Cook together. While this may be limited due to your loved one’s situation, cooking brings people together and can be a fun activity when done correctly. Make sure all safety measures are in place first. Enjoying the end product together is the best part of the process and can create a bonding moment as well.
  1. Reminisce on old times. Bring family photos or home movies with you when you visit to share with your loved one and look back on all the fun times you’ve had together. Often, recent memory is the first to be affected by dementia. As such, reminiscing can be comforting to your loved one to look back on moments they are able to remember well.
  1. Get crafty. Simple art projects and crafting DIY masterpieces can be a stimulating activity that you can both enjoy. If your loved one is creative, this activity can be especially enjoyable! Just be sure to remember to keep things simple regarding tools and materials. Try to use minimalistic patterns that aren’t too loud.
  1. Get some fresh air. If the assisted living facility has a garden or other outdoor space, take your loved one to water the flowers or simply admire nature. Time in the fresh air is good for everyone!
  1. Sing. Perhaps you play an instrument and know some of your loved one’s favorite songs. Playing them for your loved one is a great way to show you care. Also, singing simple songs that are easy to remember can help your loved one interact.

Visiting a loved one in an assisted living facility for dementia or Alzheimer’s can be an enriching experience for both of you. Knowing different ways to keep you both entertained during your visit can make your time there productive and positive!