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Caregiving for a loved one living with memory loss is undoubtedly a demanding undertaking, and no individual is equipped to carry out the responsibility without some help. Like their loved one living with memory loss, caregivers also need sufficient support to help maintain their wellbeing and health. If you have been seeking ways to enjoy a temporary rest from your caregiving duties, it’s time you consider respite care.

What benefits does respite care offer in Texas, and how can you overcome potential obstacles?

Why Take Advantage of Respite Care Today?

  1. Renewal and relaxation. Taking a leisurely walk through the mall, visiting the museum, or doing things that you enjoy can calm you and have a lasting effect on your mood.
  2. Space. A few hours away from your caregiving situation can grant you a renewed sense of purpose.
  3. Identity. Respite care allows you to be intentional about maintaining your sense of self.
  4. Perspective. When you are away from your caregiving role, you see things clearly and keep them in the right perspective.
  5. Engagement. Social isolation is a big problem for caregivers. With respite care, you can take time to engage with friends to share lunch or do things that gratify you.

How to Overcome Obstacles of Respite Care

  • Concerned about the cost of respite care? You might be surprised to know that respite care is paid out-of-pocket on a per day basis. Discuss these expenses with other family members to see if they’d be willing to contribute. Also, check if your loved one’s long-term care insurance policy will pay for the expense.
  • Reliability of Care. Do you have doubts about the care staff that will attend to your loved one in an assisted living community? Take a tour, investigate the community reviews, and ask trusted friends for recommendations.

If you feel that respite care is the way to go, and are located in Texas, contact our trained care staff at The Cottages today. Caring for your loved one with memory loss is challenging. But with respite care, you can find ways to enjoy a temporary rest and continue caring for your loved one.