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5 Gift Ideas for Seniors in Memory Care Homes

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be at a loss as to what to get your loved one living in a memory care facility in Dallas.

Although people in Alzheimer’s assisted living cannot do everything they once could, there are some gifts you can surprise them with.

Here are five great gift ideas for your loved ones living in Alzheimer’s care homes in Dallas:

  1. A family photo album. Maintaining close relationships with family and friends is crucial to your loved one’s well being. Gift your loved one with an old family photo album to help them remember the past, or a newer one, so they don’t lose sight of the present.
  2. Their favorite CD or record. Hearing old favorite songs may both stimulate the resident’s memory and inspire creativity. Music can be very therapeutic to people living in a memory care facility in Dallas and is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face!
  3. Art supplies. While you may feel strange buying your loved one a coloring book or watercolors, art can be great therapy for people in Alzheimer’s assisted living! Holding crayons, colored pencils or paintbrushes can also help residents maintain their motor skills.
  4. A stuffed animal. A stuffed animal can provide a great deal of comfort to people living in Alzheimer’s care homes in Dallas. Just as with therapy animals, a stuffed animal may give the resident a sense of companionship.

It can be challenging to shop for people living in Alzheimer’s care homes in Dallas. In general, try to stick to simple things that make their lives a little easier and brighter.