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When it comes time to find the right assisted living memory care community for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders, choosing the right one can have benefits for your whole family. Look for a memory care community that focuses on the quality of living and treats everyone with the respect and dignity.

Reasons to Choose The Cottages Senior Living
There are many reasons The Cottages are a good choice for your loved one living with a memory disorder. When your family member comes to live with us, we create a care program just for them. No cookie-cutter plans here.We tailor each aspect of care specifically for the individual. We have found this approach will allow your family member to live a healthy, happy life with as much independence as possible.

The Difference Professionals Make
The move from a private residence to an assisted living community can be traumatic for anyone, but can be especially overwhelming and frightening for our loved ones with memory disorders. The Cottages find professionals who understand the difficult transition, not only for the family member living with memory loss, but for your whole family. And our staff goes the extra step to help everyone in your family will feel like they are part of The Cottages family.

As an added bonus, our staff stay with us far longer than the industry average. Keeping professionals on staff longer helps our community family members feel more secure with familiar faces and a constant and stable routine. At The Cottages, our 24-hour assisted-living team oversees resident’s health and well-being so they can have freedom to continue the activities they enjoy.

Our Family is Your Family
There is no care experience quite like The Cottages. Our communities are designed to encourage residents to stay active. Our rooms, inspired by research done by the Mayo Clinic, are laid out simply, making it comfortable for our family to interact with other residents, enjoy our social areas and live a life of dignity. Our specialized assisted living facilities are home for your family members experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders in Texas.