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If your loved one or relative has been diagnosed with a memory disorder like Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, moving them into a memory care facility is something to consider for your loved one and your family. A memory care facility in Texas provides personalized daily assistance in a comfortable setting to people living with memory loss. This around-the-clock care can lessen the burden you and other family caregivers may feel.

Here are three ways memory care may benefit your loved one living with dementia:

Get Your Loved One Help in a Care Setting

Many people are resistant to the idea of moving their loved one into a dementia assisted living facility because of misconceptions about the setting and level of care they’ll receive at The Cottages. Our residents enjoy private, comfortable, apartments and spacious group areas, both inside and out, with a personalized level of care. Whether the resident just needs some help with daily tasks like laundry, or 24-hour around-the-clock care, our staff has the experience to provide it.

Planned Activities

The staff at our Alzheimer’s assisted living facility understand that stimulating activities help in maintaining residents’ quality of life. To aid in this, The Cottages offers a plethora of planned social and creative activities.

The residents at our memory care facility in Austin and other locations in Texas include physical activity that is appropriate for those living with memory impairment and dementia, as well as stimulating activities and relaxation.  We have Alzheimer’s Certified Activity Directors on staff and all programs are customized for each resident.  When it is time for an activity, our activity directors encourage our residents to attend and participate.

A Good Balance of Freedom and Protection

One of the biggest concerns families have when citing their reasons for considering an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility is wandering. Many of those affected with memory disorders tend to “wander,” or leave their homes and forget where they’re going, often getting lost and sending their loved ones into a panic. At a dementia assisted living facility like The Cottages, residents can explore the grounds to their heart’s content, and families have the peace of mind knowing that the staff are always watching, keeping track of their whereabouts, and the facility is locked and secured.