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If you are new to caring for a loved one who is living with dementia or Alzheimer’s in Dallas, “memory care” can seem like a vague term that encompasses many ideas. What does “memory care” mean in terms of assisted living homes and long-term care facilities?

Memory care is a specialized form of care geared specifically for people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. These communities are carefully designed to be secure and safe environments where the residents’ health and well-being is closely monitored by staff around the clock. Memory care communities feature activities, events and programming designed to meet the needs of residents through cognitive skill-building and continuing hobbies and passions.

The staff in memory care communities are trained to meet the specific needs of each resident and provide high-quality care for those living with memory loss. Memory care communities train staff in evidence-based best practices, providing continued educational support so that residents can benefit from the best possible care specific to their needs.

Memory care communities provide apartments and living quarters that feel like home. The layout is typically designed to help residents remember where they live and navigate the community easily and safely. Most communities have courtyards or other natural spaces that allow residents to enjoy the outdoors in a secured space. Community designs are backed by research supporting the most appropriate and supportive layout for successful memory care.

Staff in these memory care communities provide support for residents in daily living skills, laundry, housekeeping and meals. Each resident typically receives an individualized care plan created with plenty of input from family and the resident to incorporate their present and future needs along with their interests and hobbies.

Memory care communities know the importance of routine and schedule to those living with memory loss and dementia. Careful scheduling is designed around engaging residents in activities that encourage them to maintain their skills and abilities while guiding them through their day. Many communities incorporate outside experts to meet the varied interests of residents.

Visiting your loved one and staying connected with them is just as important to you as it is to these communities. Memory care communities encourage strong connections with friends and family. Moving your loved one to a memory care community should never mean losing connection with them.