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Understanding the services offered will help make your decision easier.

There are many factors to consider when families are trying to understand what services will be provided for their loved ones when they move into a memory care facility. Will they be safe? Will they be fed enough? What about medications? In many cases, families have been the primary providers for their family members living with a memory disorder. Providing daily care is often emotionally, physically and mentally draining on everyone involved. If your family has chosen to seek a higher level of care for your loved one, you must first understand what services will be provided. Knowing the care that will be provided will give everyone peace of mind.

 What are the differences between a “skilled nursing” versus an “assisted living” environment?

  • A skilled nursing facility has patients, while an assisted living facility has residents.
  • At a skilled nursing facility, the patients are being treated by on site doctors and have more complex illnesses and medical needs.
  • At an assisted living facility, residents have a range of needs, from help with daily living tasks such as bathing, dressing and mobility assistance to incontinence, and help managing medications or feeding.
  • Mealtime can vary at both types of locations, depending on the needs of the resident or patient. At The Cottages, a family-owned and operated assisted living in Texas, all meals are served family style in a homelike setting.
  • A skilled nursing facility will feel more clinical, as the rooms are furnished by the facility to be accessible for any medical emergency and are equipped with medical equipment.
  • At an assisted living facility, residents can bring their own furnishings and the residence feels more like home. At The Cottages, all of the common areas are designed with lots of natural light and custom furnishings so that they feel as close to home as possible.

Knowing what is offered at each facility gives you confidence in knowing that you’ve made the best decision for your loved one.The management staff at any assisted living or skilled nursing facility can evaluate your loved one to help determine the best setting for their needs. Remember that the most important factor is that your loved one living with a memory disorder is treated as the top priority. Having that peace of mind for everyone is the final goal.