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One of the biggest challenges when deciding to accept the resources of an assisted living facility in Texas is the potential financial burden that accompanies the decision. This is a difficult decision for everyone as you want to provide your loved one with the best environment while simultaneously not taking on a considerable amount of debt.

To manage the financial burden of assisted living costs, you first want to ensure that you’ve addressed every possible avenue to assist you with the payment of an assisted living facility, including long-term care insurance and retirement benefits. The more options you have, the less cumbersome it can be to you and your family.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when making this monumental decision.

Best ways to save money? Look for all-inclusive pricing.

The best way to save money on the cost of assisted living for your loved one is to locate memory care facilities that offer all-inclusive pricing. The Cottages Senior Living—with locations in Dallas, Houston, Amarillo and Austin—provide care for your loved ones at an all-inclusive price. That means no surprise up charges for any service or care provided to your loved one. This includes:

• Highly qualified, 24-hour staff
• Seven-day-a-week nursing assistance
• Meal-plan that encompasses breakfast, lunch and dinner

Additionally, you can take comfort in knowing that there will be no add-on costs for other services your loved one will receive. If the original value is manageable, then you can move forward with the peace of mind that there will no extra or surprising hidden fees involved.

Look for a facility with the most benefits to offer.

The more comprehensive the benefits, the more manageable the cost of assisted living can be. The benefits of The Cottages do not stop at the financial savings of all-inclusive pricing. The Cottages provide a loving and nurturing home-like environment for all residents.

The staff at The Cottages prioritize building relationships with everyone they encounter. They will make your loved ones feel as if they are at home with scheduled activities, balanced meals, and no isolation. The staff’s personalized care is second-to-none, and you know that all of this is provided with no additional fees.

Choosing the appropriate living facility for your loved one is never an easy decision. The Cottages make this process as seamless as possible with excellent options providing your family member living with a memory disorder the love and care that they deserve at an all-inclusive price.